About us & your interior design

Our Mission

To inspire and positively influence the lives of all our customers. We have an eye for art and art inspires all that we do, from our statement furniture, designer inspired lighting, through to all the items and artwork that help to add the finishing touches of décor to turn your home into a fabulous work of art. From creating high-end pieces that are found nowhere else to offering ranges that fit everyone’s budget.

We adore surrounding ourselves with the most luxurious fabrics, enjoy the rich textures and shapes that are created by combining beautifully made furniture pieces with over the top statement accessories, all pulled together, and enhanced by unique, glittering, pieces of artwork, inspired by the latest trends from around the world.

Our vision

To create a memorable experience for all our clients, driven by the desire to better serve our customers whilst gracing their homes with the style, sophistication, elegance and warmth that captures the essence of those who live in them.

We aim to provide a platform and arena that inspires you through the journey that you take whilst creating the home of your dreams. Our personalised interior design service will be both personal, cost effective, delivered on time, and on budget.

Interior Design

We hope that you are Inspired by our distinctively luxurious furniture and lighting through to our ever-expanding online range of artwork and decorative accessories.

Our Story

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    Who would have thought that a leisurely Sunday afternoon outing would have led to the start of Inspired Kollektions and the birth of Sarah Clayton’s Art Work.

    Well I say leisurely loosely, as when my partners involved this means walking round as many shops as possible (Love you really) Having visited a local arts and crafts shop my partner and I were so taken by a beautiful poppy picture that had been finished in a 3D glass resin effect. I think most people would agree there’s just something about poppies which draws you. Sadly, the price tag was slightly out of our reach, little did we know then, this was to be the key and the start to what happened next.

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    As we continued to talk about that beautiful picture, I let slip that Art had always been one of my passions and I believed I would be able to make the picture, to which my partners response was great! how quick can you make it? Suddenly our garage turned from junk store cupboard to my art work shop where my first picture “Poppies” was created, this picture still takes pride of place at home.

    That was it, my imagination was running wild so over the weeks I enrolled in art courses trying different techniques, so that when the opportunity came along in 2014 to open a small shop, I decided to take the plunge selling my artwork and small home accessories thus Inspired Kollektions was launched. Our focus was to create “affordable art for everyone” as well as stocking some unique accessories for the home.

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    By 2016 it was evident that we had out grown the shop as the business went from strength to strength so much so that we had to move into a bigger shop to gain additional working space, fortunately this was to be above our already established shop where the opportunity of a 2000 square foot building became available.

    Inspired Kollektions furniture and accessories continues to “Inspire” having further developed into home interior help and design, while Sarah Claytons innovative Art is now licenced to some mainstream celebrities as well as continuing to supply the trade where her artwork is now sold in numerous stores and outlets in the UK.

Our team

IK Chairs


Enthusiastic, creative and sociable free spirit, who can always find a reason to smile. Life and soul of the party with a ‘Little Spark of Madness’. That’s Lyn!

IK Chairs


Full of passion and energy, living for the moment and always ready to dive into action. Sarah is ‘The Eye of the Storm’. Keen to entertain, life is fun and full of surprises when around Sarah.

IK Chairs


Quiet, calm, reserved, maybe even shy. Although its hard to get a word in edgeways with Sarah & Lyn around. Carl has an inner flame and passion that truly shines – on a daily basis